• When the sun wakes up, the world fills with life. Nature and each of us. At sunrise it is so easy to catch inspiration - everything around is covered with the gilding of the morning, the whole day is ahead.

    The sun wakes up to start a new day, but we also wake up to wake up the sun. In Eastern philosophy, the sun represents the soul. It is inside each of us. To feel its glow is to be filled with warmth. To cherish it in yourself is to defeat the darkness inside yourself every time.

  • Claude Monet captured the moment of sunrise in the painting "Impression. Sunrise". It became the beginning of a whole direction in world painting. The "East" jewelry collection is our personal impressionism. We feel the sun like this - in discs with fused, fire-effect, textured and gilded keumbu. Jewelry is made by hand, so the pattern on each product is unique.

    We soak in the sun to remind ourselves that the glow is within. The darkness will be defeated. Tomorrow will be a new sunrise. And life will begin anew.