"...meaning is that for the sake of which."


What do you think jewelery is made for?

For the touch.
For art and meaning.
To what we forget every day, but what we want to remember. Because the meanings return us to the origins, to the essence of everything around.

In ancient times, jewelry was worn for a reason. They performed a specific function. Everything has changed now, hasn't it?

Not for us.
We have found our goal in giving meaning back to jewelry. We want to make people part of something bigger. After all, this involvement is always there and does not let you forget about yourself. The purity of its forms and their meaning, because each collection speaks of its own.

How did you arrive at such a goal?

This is the most interesting (Vadim smiles).
Once we were asked what we would leave to our children. Agree, this is a difficult question. It was he who gave us the determination to take risks and create something that we had been thinking about for a long time, but still did not dare. When you truly feel the importance of something, it is easier for you to convey this importance to others. So our eldest started making his jewelry at the age of 5. Now he is 7, and his products are already sold first in the markets. It seems that we risked not in vain.

You say that "LOGVIN" is pure forms and secret meaning. This is a very interesting wording. Tell us more about her.

We are glad that she attracts attention (Svetlana laughs).
We believe that our business is the influence of the human mind on nature. We take natural material and create something new and different out of it. That which cannot exist neither without man nor without nature. This gives a sense of the presence of the mind and its role in everything. "LOGVIN" reminds of him, returns to the important through the form.

Is that why you don't produce products?

Certainly. Rhodium seems to replace the nature of silver. And we want to save it. It also creates an unnatural color and difficulty in caring for jewelry. Pure silver is very unpretentious. So we have two goals: preserve the naturalness and make it easier to use.

So many beautiful meanings...

Thanks a lot. We also feel this beauty and its importance, and we consider it necessary to share it.


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