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together with the Treasury of the Historical Museum of Ukraine


With the permission of the museum, we used the image of this little Martynivsky man in the collection. Researchers put forward different versions of the use of jewelry with his image: from decorating formal clothes, decorating saddles or shields during battle as a talisman to being used in rituals.

The Martynivsky treasure is one of the most famous Ante treasures, which belongs to the era of the "early" Slavs (6th-7th centuries) and the period of the foundation of Kyiv.

89 finds from the treasure are kept in the Treasury, and another 27 are in the British Museum.

The most famous artifacts from the treasure — figures of "dancing" men and horses at one time caused a real sensation and many discussions among researchers. They are made of silver and partially gilded.

Exceptional and with history

Each item in the LOGVIN collections is created by hand. Jewelry from the "Treasure" collection can become a real amulet and a symbol of rich Ukrainian culture for you.

This collection is a real challenge for us, because not only are we teaming up with a large institution for the first time and reinterpreting one of the most famous treasures found on the territory of Ukraine, but we also have a great cultural and charitable goal. In the conditions of war, when the enemy spreads narratives that Ukrainian culture and history do not exist, destroys historical monuments and devastates museums, this collection acquires special significance.

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By auctioning and deducting 50% of the profit from this collection, we raise funds for the digitization and cataloging of the museum's cultural heritage. Our goal is to collect at least 4000 eur.

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Treasury of the Historical Museum of Ukraine

The museum is located on the territory of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and tells about the historical past of the peoples who lived on the territory of Ukraine for thousands of years in the language of masterpieces of jewelry art.

During its 50 years of existence, it received more than 12 million visitors, updated the exposition several times, and formed a collection of almost 56,000 storage units. Thanks to the restoration department in the Treasury, more than 20,000 unique monuments of jewelry art from different eras have been restored. The restoration of these items made it possible to preserve priceless treasures for future generations and present them in museum projects. The main pride of the museum is the world's largest collection of "Scythian gold" (about 45,000 exhibits), including the main archaeological treasure of Ukraine - the pectoral from the Tovsta Mohyla.